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POLL RESULTS: Superman’s Powers

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.


If you could have one of Superman’s powers, which would it be?


33% – X-Ray vision

33% – Flight

28% – Invulnerability

6% – Super strength

0% – Heat vision

0% – Super breath

(Total votes: 18)

Come on people. X-Ray vision? Sure, in some lascivious way, we all think about having X-Ray vision. Until you realize what the overwhelming majority of people lok like. So, you think how cool it would be to fly. But it gets cold up there. And how fast are we talking about? (Just how did Superman increase his speed, anyway?) Ultimately, you want to pick Invulnerability. “No pain, no pain”…that’s my motto.

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3 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Superman’s Powers

  1. John, maybe the circle where you run in, people would look better clothed. Now, I wouldn’t want uncontrolled x-ray vision for the very reason you’ve cited; but in a controlled fashion, it would bring new meaning to the phrase, “Undressing her with your eyes…” AL-RIIIGHT!

  2. c’mon people superman is 2cool man.I’d like his superstrenght know what i mean?But runnin’ at an incredible speed is kind of tricky, what if u trip?

    heat vision?u wanna burn your house down?And what if you accidentally sneaze?And gues what?Flying?u could be seen man, i’d like invisibility with that.

  3. DarkMan // May 9, 2006 at 7:58 pm //

    wut? no 1 picked heat vision or super breath? y would any 1 pick flying or x-ray vision? this is wut the % should be

    1.invunerbility 57%

    2.super stength 23%

    3.heat vision 10%

    4.super breath 10%

    5.x-ray vision 0%

    6.flight 0%

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