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Review: Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

REVIEW SUMMARY: This mini-series represents a real ending for the Farscape series. It included most of the characters from the original series, and was a great visual treat. The story moved along at the right pace and ties off the series in a very appropriate manner. I really enjoyed the show.



At the end of Season 4, Aeryn and John have indicated they love each other and will be married for the birth of thier child. They are then attacked and turned into crystals with the words “To be continued” shown on the screen. This is where the mini-series picks up. It is ultimately a romance story against the backdrop of war, which on its own would be pretty sappy. But they have some great special effects and dialog that really worked for me. John Crighton represents what a human would be like when dealing with unfamiliar territory – making wise cracks and pop-culture references.

PROS: Farscape has always had great visuals, and this mini-series continues that trend. It mixed the right amount of action and dialog to keep the story moving.

CONS: I am concerned how they will convert this into a movie as this seems to tie off the loose ends of the show. I think its a fitting end for the show and would hate to see it converted into a movie. Viewers unfamiliar with the universe would be lost on some of the interactions between the characters.

BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoyed Farscape, this is an excellent end to the series. The story and other elements combine to tie the whole story together.

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