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Robots Inducted into Robot Hall of Fame

The robots selected this year for induction into the Robot Hall of Fame are:

  • Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO
  • Shakey, the first mobile robot to reason about its actions, developed by SRI International
  • Astro Boy, a Japanese animation of a robot with a soul
  • Robby the Robot, from MGM’s 1956 science fiction epic Forbidden Planet
  • C-3PO, from the Star Wars series
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4 Comments on Robots Inducted into Robot Hall of Fame

  1. What a travesty! ASS-IMO? Hello!??!?! At least the others are historical and have pervaded in our culture. But ASS-IMO, the robot-with-knees-that-don’t-bend, on the driveway of those non-sensical Honda commercials? Come on! That commericals has been puzzling us for about a year and it’s in the Hall of Fame?

    Maybe this was a Honda Robot Hall of Fame — the product of some inane marketing manager’s wet dream after a moonshine binge.

    I’d induct that robot dog that Craig showed us that game night before ASS-IMO…

  2. …or maybe it was a sake binge?

  3. Can ask what you have against the Honda Robot Pete? Its a marvel of design and engineering in all reality. The device walks and stands on two legs. Do you realize how difficult that is to do with a mechanical construct? I think the list is pretty good, and covers both fictional and real robots.

  4. Tim, it was meant as a funny rant but you HAD to go and get serious on me; come on, lighten up!

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