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The 2004 Boston Red Sox is the Best Baseball Team in the History of the MLB — What a comback!

Prologue: I really wanted this article to have a category of ‘Fantasy’ but I don’t have the power to add it, and the admin is too big of a Sagan to add it for me, so just pretend this article has categorized as ‘Fantasy’ as you read it.

Is it really fantasy? Perhaps not, it looks like the BoSox can go all the way now with their 3-0 lead in the World Series; finally, snapping their cursed streak and what a comeback it will be — especially after whooping those worthless Yankees last week from an 0-3 deficit. At this point, only an all-out invasion of undead space zombies from Rigel-7 can keep them from winning it all!

10 Comments on The 2004 Boston Red Sox is the Best Baseball Team in the History of the MLB — What a comback!

  1. You know this probably belongs on a “baseball blog” or even a “sports blog”, and I am confused how this is even seen as humor… Now far be it for me – okay its not that far, but still. I just don’t think this is even remotely close to stuff we have previously put up on this blog.

    I know I am overly combative and “I attack Pete” every chance I get, but if John or JP posted this I would have said the same thing. If you have a personal statement to make or something – start your own blog. I have said that before…

  2. I did start my own blog….

    And it was fantasy that the RedSox would ever win the Series again. At least until Babe Ruth’s ghost came back and forgave them for trading him away….

    Did I mention there will be a total lunar eclipse during the game? ‘Cause there will be. Tonight even.

  3. After Pete unsucessfully begged for a “fantasy” category, he admitted that the sole reason for this post this was to generate comments from others. If I was a psychologist, I might ponder the root cause of this strong need for attention. As it is, simply by saying what I have, his needs are met. And I didn’t even get a dinner out of it. I feel so cheap.

  4. John, if you had given me the category, i would’ve taken you out to dinner, if that was your price.

    Tim, did i not mention undead space zombies??

    All, i’ll post a reason for this entry when the series is over — it might be even be SF related. In the meantime, please don’t remove it.

  5. Where’s the supermodels? Never mind the SF content, where are the supermodels?

  6. Supermodels are well within the confines of the material we use here. Now had that been the topic – nobody would have even said anything negative. It most likely have brought on additional supermodel posts…

  7. Hmmmm…undead supermodel space zombies?

  8. Now that the World Series is over, I can tell you why I posted this thing at all — I was totally oblivious to the World Series until this afternoon when I found out they were up 3-0. So I thought I could post a JINX on them — but I guess the Cards suck too much…

    Speaking of jinxes, have y’all heard about the massive layoffs we’re going to get? Come on, severance package! Papa needs a new car!

    Oh well, it was worth a try… Y’all admins can close this thread now…

  9. Woohoo 2007 Boston Red Sox!

  10. OMG we came so close this year again!

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