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The next superman is…

Brandon Routh as per several websites. Brandon was in the Gilmore Girls, but I know very little about him beyond that. Its supposed to start filming very soon for a release in 2006.

5 Comments on The next superman is…

  1. He may not be known but he sure is HOT. He will capture the young ladies hearts. The question will be “is he a good actor?” It probably won’t matter.

  2. But will he capture your heart Julie?

  3. Well. who knows he just may but he has to prove himself.

  4. My worry is that they will make him a brooding whiney baby. Superman is supposed to bend steel and be all invincible and not some whiney Luke Skywalker type…

  5. I agree with you. Chris Reeves was not whiney. His acting abilities were convincing he was the man of steel. Brandon is really going to have to prove himself.

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