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UPDATE: My New Year’s Resolution

This is the September 2004 update of my New Year’s Resolution.






09/03/04 “Amnesty” Octavia Butler 2003 Year’s Best SF 9 edited by David G. Hartwell 5/5 SS 1 270
09/05/04 “Birth Days” Geoff Ryman 2003 3/5 SS 1 271
09/05/04 “The Waters of Meribah” Tony Ballantyne 2003 5/5 SS 1 272
09/05/04 “EJ-ES” Nancy Kress 2003 2/5 SS 1 273
09/06/04 “Rogue Farm” Charles Stross 2003 3/5 SS 1 274
09/08/04 “Four Short Novels” Joe Haldeman 2003 3/5 SS 1 275
09/12/04 “The Violet’s Embryos” Angelica Gorodischer 2003 0/5 NA 0 275
09/12/04 “Coyote at the End of History” Michael Swanwick 2003 3.5/5 SS 1 276
09/12/04 “In Fading Suns and Dying Moons” John Varley 2003 4.5/5 SS 1 277
09/13/04 “Castaway” Gene Wolfe 2003 4.5/5 SS 1 278
09/14/04 “The Hydrogen Wall” Gregory Benford 2003 3.5/5 NA 4 282
09/15/04 “The Day We Went Through the Transition” Ricard de la Casa & Pedro Jorge Romero 1997 (2003) 4/5 SS 1 283
09/16/04 “Nimby and the Dimension Hoppers” Cory Doctorow 2003 4.5/5 SS 1 284
09/17/04 “Night of Time” Robert Reed 2003 3.5/5 SS 1 285
09/18/04 “Rabbit Test” Jeffrey Ford 2004 Fantastic Metropolis 4/5 SS 1 286
09/20/04 “A Night on the Barbary Coast” Kage Baker 2003 Year’s Best SF 9 edited by David G. Hartwell 3/5 SS 1 287
09/22/04 “Hexagons” Robert Reed 2003 Asimov’s Online 4/5 NV 2 289
09/24/04 “Annuity Clinic” Nigel Brown 200X Year’s Best SF 9 edited by David G. Hartwell 4.5/5 SS 1 290
09/26/04 “The Madwoman of Shuttlefield” Allen M. Steele 2003 4/5 SS 1 291
09/27/04 “Bread and Bombs” M. Rickert 2003 3/5 SS 1 292
09/27/04 “The Great Game” Stephen Baxter 2003 3/5 SS 1 293
09/28/04 “The Albertine Notes” Rick Moody 2003 4/5 NA 4 297

KEY:VI=Vignette (.25 points), SS=Short Story (1 point), NV=Novelette (2 points), NA=Novella (4 points)


  • Miscellaneous reviews follow

“Rabbit Test” by Jeffrey Ford
[Read: 09/18/04]
[Rating: 4/5]
[Source: Fantastic Metropolis]

  • Synopsis: A husband and wife keep trying to have a baby after multiple miscarriages that were preceded by the image of a rabbit.
  • Review: Well written and moving fiction story by a genre writer. You might be able to classify this as fantasy.

    “Hexagons” by Robert Reed
    [Read: 09/22/04]
    [Rating: 4/5]
    [Source: Asimov’s Online]

  • Synopsis: Alternate history story where a man runs for senator of his local New Rome province against an anti-Semitic opponent.
  • Review: Great storytelling told through the character of the man’s 11-year-old son, who plays an elaborate hexagonal-based war game with his Jewish friend’s grandfather.
  • Note: Finalist for the 2004 Hugo for best novelette.
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    John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

    5 Comments on UPDATE: My New Year’s Resolution

    1. If I get through the 3 or 4 collections I’m reading simultaneously in the near future (maybe this weekend, as I’m working both days), I’ll be at 489.
      Caveat: That includes a number of non-fiction items. Even taking them out, I’m way past the goal of 365.
      Caveat: I’m not using the patented method. For example, two of the collections I’m reading right now are The SF Hall of Fame, Volumes IIA and IIB. These two fat paperbacks are entirely novellas. That would probably kick the count up, no?
      I’m game to do this again next year! It was an excellent idea on your part!

    2. Fred the speed-reader, ladies and gentlemen. 😉
      I’ve also enjoyed doing this. Setting goals has meant more reading and less TV – usually a good thing. As far as next year, if I do continue, I’m not sure if I’ll keep on posting results. It takes time away from reading!

    3. Well, while I do read fast, I’ve found that I’ve been enjoying the stories so much that I’m reading them over novels. Plus, given the nature of my underemployment as a security guard, a short story each half hour or hour works into the need to walk around and “show my presence” (like anybody is going to rob the sites I work at).

    4. Here’s a good one…picked up “The Year’s Best SF”, #21, edited by Gardner Dozois. How’s this for a boost for the story count…”More Than 300,000 Words of Fantastic Fiction”.
      I’ll have to start buying these. Looks like excellent collections.

    5. Generally speaking, Dozois’ Year’s Best Science Fiction Series is the definitive anthology series. Being printed in a larger hardback helps. As (former) editor of Asimov’s SF, he came into contact with lots of SF.

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