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Voices In Your Head

A new SF interview program, Voices in Your Head, premiered with a 50+ minute audio interview of SF author James Patrick Kelly. Registration is recommended by the site, but not required.

[Link via Locus Online]

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3 Comments on Voices In Your Head

  1. Acutally, this show was originally disbanded many years ago. It was called Reality Break back then and was syndicated nationally. Now with the advent of podcasting (which we’re doing on The Dragon Page, btw), he’s returned to the airwaves. We welcome the company! Always good to have more literature focused SF shows around.

  2. Hey Evo, I did do Reality Break and am doing Voices, but they are definitely two distinct programs. Voices is more focused towards the IT Conversations audience and won’t be strictly limited to SF writers. There are some musicians and film directors that I’m trying to line up. The quick tagline is “Where art intersects technology”.

    BTW, I just subscribed to the Dragon Page podcast the other day!

  3. SF Signal, ladies and gentlemen. Bringing people together…

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