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Does Anyone Watch Enterprise?

Just wondering. This article (via Sci Fi Ranter Girl) has Jolene Blalock trash talking Berman. A little TnA may not help ratings, but if Pete knew what T’Pol wasn’t wearing last season, he may have tuned in. Jolene has some nice things to say about the new show runner, Manny Coto. Manny seems to have a lot of ideas for moving Enterprise forward, including an ending to series. Which may be this season. All I know is I haven’t watched it. In fact, I haven’t watched any Star Trek series religiously since about season 6 of The Next Generation. Bad and/or recycled stories just don’t cut it for me. And once they lose me, I don’t typically go back. I’ve got too much else to do. Too bad, since I once was a Star Trek uber-geek…

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3 Comments on Does Anyone Watch Enterprise?

  1. Yes, I watch it. See my comments to Ms. B’s commentary in the previous posting that mentioned the “trash talkin'”.

  2. I couldn’t see what she wasn’t wearing because the camera didn’t pan down that far. Stupid FCC rules, we’re too goddamn puritanical!

  3. You might say I was determined to hate it, mostly because of inconsistencies with Star Trek “history” as presented in the earlier shows, but I have watched it and have to admit that it’s not all that bad. I actually like it better than Voyager, which I gave up on rather early in the series.

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