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  • Illegal copies of Battlestar Galactica, which is already airing in the UK, are being downloaded by folks in the US and posing a threat to good ratings. [Link via Sci-Fi Ranter Girl]
  • Enterprise‘s Jolene Blalock slams Star Trek puppetmaster Rick Berman. [Link via Sci-Fi Ranter Girl]
  • New online fiction: “Anda’s Game” by Cory Doctorow.
  • Yet Another List: SF/F Reading for Kids.
  • Sam Raimi is planning another remake of The Evil Dead.
  • New images posted from the Fantistic 4 movie
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  1. From article on downloaded BSG episodes: “You see, we need RATINGS which means we need eyeballs in front of TV screens that advertisers can measure.”

    I guess the same ought to apply to the new season of Stargate Atlantis, since the Canada station TMC is already at least 2 episodes ahead of the SF Channel.

    Perhaps they should consider the fact that they would not be able to measure all the eyeballs anyway, as DTV and cable are (to my knowledge) one-way transfers.

    Personally, not currently having access to the SF Channel, I propose they offer the episodes online for a small fee, say $1 per episode. That, IMHO, is low enough that I’d be willing to pay for the download. I may not even be the only one in that opinion. I’m guessing it would more than likely be quicker than bittorrent, wouldn’t even have to be downloaded right at first release (bittorrent advantage is only if there are many seeders). Plus it would be legal access, as opposed to the alternative.

  2. I have to agree with T’P (Ms. Blalock) about Enterprise. Last season did suck. This season is much better, in fact, it is how the show should have been all along.

    The “mini-arc” idea is good: Gives them some time to build up the story. I don’t even mind them messin’ with history (that is, what was established by the original cast) as much.

    And I have to agree that this will probably be the last season. Which is a shame. They spent three seasons on the idiot “temporal cold war” and finally found their feet now.

  3. Raiting are measured via representative survey, so they don’t have to have a two-way medium to determine how many people watch a show -they just poll 500 representative watchers. That’s all the AC Nielsen company does really – although it has gotten pretty sophisticated in how it measures what its families are watching (settop boxes and other things.)

  4. It would be interesting to see a comparison of those folks with electronic Nielsen survey methods (settop boxes) vs. those that download from the internet, thus potentially skewing the monitored ratings. Any other, non-monitored, form of a survey can obviously be tampered with and surely should not be trusted 100%. For instance, only favored shows might be reported whether watched or not. Hmm, sounds almost like an election situation…

    Curious, I wonder if these surveys also take time shifting into account? Has anyone here been a Nielsen subject yet? I’d really like to know more about the experience.

  5. Perhaps SkiFi and the production company should have a requirement that the show be aired on the same start date. IIRC, some directors/movie studios are doing this in order to cut down on “piracy”.

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