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POLL RESULTS: Should Shatner Sing Again?

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.


Should William Shatner be allowed to record another album?


17% – Yes. I loved his rendition of Mr. Tambourine Man.

56% – No. He pales by comparison to Leonard Nimoy.

28% – William Shatner recorded an album?

(Total votes: 18)

Thankfully, more than half of the voters agreed that such atrocities should never be repeated. (Can you guess which way I voted?) However, 17 percent of the voters are obviously masochistic and should be taught the error of their ways by being strapped to a chair listening to the vocal strains of Shatner’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds through a pair of high quality headphones (as if it would help). The other 28% were unaware that Shatner ever recorded an album. Lucky bastards.

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