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Revenge of the Sith Video Game Trailer

Not that I troll sites run by people who troll Star Wars sites of anything, but this link to the Revenge of the Sith video game comes to use from James at Big Dumb Object. Looks cool. And it comes complete with a CGI version of the eternal Hayden Christensen sneer that JP loves so much. I wonder how much, if anything, in the game trailer is a precursor to what we’ll see in the film?

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12 Comments on Revenge of the Sith Video Game Trailer

  1. Bah, its more a smirk than a sneer.

  2. So this is not the KOTOR sequel?

  3. Nope – this is the movie tie in game. The KOTOR game has the KOTOR in the name to indicate its a different game. I love them marketing types…

  4. I hope it plays like KOTOR though…

  5. It should only more I think – it will be xbox only at launch much like the original KOTOR – I hope not, but you know them MS guys love to have exclusivity sometimes… The official site is here.

  6. This game won’t be ANYTHING like KOTOR. This is a crappy game done to tie into the movie – note it will be ‘The ultimate Jedi action experience.’ Focus on the word action and you know how this game will play. Also note that this game is for the XBox and PS2 only – another hallmark of a bad game (if it was any good they’d be doing it on the PC, even if just a port.)

  7. If you check my link – you will realize I am talking about KOTOR2 🙂

  8. Saw the movie trailer first, which had me intrigued, though Lucas has tricked me before. The game trailer looks fun, too, but in a “Young Obi-Wan” way. Good for mindless action, but not as deep as the KOTOR games. For [not-so-mindless] action, get Halo 2!

  9. I havent played this game yet but i dont know whatthe hell KOTOR is .i just want to know if i should get the game or not and someone explain what it means to be a movie tie. I’m looking for a game that follows the movie… (relativley) and that is really fun. also once you beat the game there is still a lot to do.s o should i get it rent it or not bother?:-S

  10. KOTOR == Knights of the Old Republic, and its a must play from just a normal gamer perspective. Its got a great story and is very fun, but it becomes even better as a SW afficionado since it covers ground not seen in movies or print before (its early in the republic before the time of Yoda and the things seen in the movie.)

  11. Also, if you haven’t seen it – Lego Star Wars is a must play. I tried it this weekend with my son (who loves Legos) and its great. It has the SW theme and gives you the ability to mix that with Legos and is well done.

  12. If yoad liked Video games, then i’m sure he’d use teh force on this one. The lightsaber duels are far beyond any i have ever encountered in a viedo game and it leaves the Jedi Knight serios in the old republic. As for you KOTOR fans, i have played it, finished and didnt enjoy it, No wonder Anakin turned to the dak side when people love games like that…

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