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Scientific Things to Do Before You Die

UK site The Guardian tells gives us Scientific Things to Do Before You Die.

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13 Comments on Scientific Things to Do Before You Die

  1. πŸ˜€ i thought that that this site was as dumb as a banana!!:O i found not one piece of info on this entire site!!!(6)

  2. 1. Swim with Dolphins

    2. Climb Kilimanjaro

    3. Teach English in a foreign country

    4. Skydive

    5. Be in a film

    6. Ride a camel in the desert

    7. Plant a tree

    8. See a lunar eclipse

    9. Sleep under the stars

    10. Ride on the biggest rollercoaster in the country

    11. Ride a horse along the shoreline

    12. Learn to juggle with three balls

    13. Dive off The Great Barrier Reef

    14. Go to a really huge rock concert

    15. Go in a hot air balloon

    16. Go snowboarding/skiing

    17. See the Statue of Liberty

    18. Run a marathon

    19. Write and record your own song

    20. Donate blood

    21. Learn to play instrument to at least grade 3

    22. Go to an American ball game

    23. Have your face on a skyscraper

    24. Ice skate in Central Park, New York

    25. Sail into the mist at the Grand Canyon

    26. Go western Riding

    27. Ride a horse drawn cart

    28. Attempt a world record

    29. Walk the Great Wall of China

    30. Brew your own alcohol

    31. Go to Lapland for Christmas

    32. Trek the Amazon

    33. Learn to drive a lorry

    34. Sell a piece of artwork

    35. See a musical

    36. Play a lead in a play

    37. See a major fashion show

    38. Ride the Shuttle from London to Paris

    39. Watch the sunrise over Ayers Rock, Australia

    40. Take a road trip and drive to Spain in a camper

    41. Get a tattoo

    42. Grow a substantial vegetable patch

    43. Bungee jump

    44. See the Olympics

    45. Blow at least a months shopping budget on junk food

    46. Spend 24 hours on a beach

    47. Go camping in winter

    48. Marvel at the Northern Lights

    49. Go to a Medieval Banquet

    50. Go tar barrelling

    51. Bath in the Blue Lagoon

    52. Visit an active Volcano

    53. See the Nazga Lines from the air

    54. Travel to Michoacan, Mexico to see the Migration

    of Monarch Butterfly.

    55. Make your own guitar

    56. Skate through a park in LA

    57. Go up the Empire State Building

    58. See the ruins of Pompeii

    59. Celebrate ?Day of the Dead? in Mexico

    60. Go behind the scenes at a Hollywood Studio

    61. Swim in the Dead sea

    62. Go white water rafting

    63. Drive along Route 66

    64. Go wing-walking

    65. Sleep in front of a fire in a log cabin

    66. Find a four leaf clover

    67. Go skinny dipping

    68. Send a message in a bottle

    69. Carve you and your lovers name into a tree

    70. Learn to dance

    71. Go to the Grand National

    72. Ride a mule down the Grand Canyon

    73. Explore Alaskan wilderness

    74. Go up the Eiffel Tower

    75. Be a University student

    76. Go on holiday to Black Pool

    77. Milk a cow

  3. this site is soooo dumm8o i did not find the things i was looking for(6)

  4. Well, sure, not since we deleted the “Everything Kassandra is Looking For” category.

  5. Oh mah’ gods that was funny!

    John, will you host my mutant love ova? :O

    If the site is going to be this brutal I’ll read more frequently!

  6. booooooooooooorin these things are for old peaple i mean old peaple

    πŸ™ and plus all of u r idiots did u no that?

    who the hell wants to look for some thing got to do with studying

    idiot i swear man u gays r idiots !!!!!!!!!!:-@

  7. Well, “moroccan” (or “moron”), we may be boring old people but at least we have the basic intelligence to learn how to spell and look up words. That gives us the ability to find jobs that give us enough money to afford some of these boring things.

    Try expanding your horizon beyond your GameBoy or XBox.


  8. Man, this was the most weirdest thing i ever read… This is soooooo idiotic whoever rote this should probably die, themselves.. Joking!!! LOL πŸ˜› However it is the dummest thing I ever heard. But,it’s funny!!!! πŸ˜€

  9. I dont know what these people are talking about! I have a list of things to do myself and we have so many of the same things. I think it’s well put together, lovvvvve it!!

    Some from my list that you don’t have:

    jump onto a moving train

    punch somebody in the face who deserves it

    finish a NY times crossword puzzle

    Run up the Rocky Steps

    Flash somebody

    Kiss the Blarney Stone

    Give mom a dozen roses

    Run out of gas while driving

    save someone’s life

    meet someone i met online

    dive with sharks

    let someone else have a chance I missed

    have my palm read

    Just a few of the good ones. I truly think everyone should have a list. Do it!!!!

  10. OMG the people who made this site must have alot of time on their hands i mean god i cant even think of one thing i want to do before i do seriously but some of those things are pretty awesome i must admitt oh and the loser that said that they are for old people you are so random old people are kool dont diss them one day you will be old too yeh thats right stick it where it fits you dick head!!:D

  11. Why exactly does this post, out of all the things on SFSignal, seem to garner this type of attraction? Is there a universally-assigned junior high school project assigned on ‘Things to do before you die’ that draws folks to Google and thus our site?

  12. :^) ..this site is boooooooooooring…i din’t find any pixe of info. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD !!(6)..i need to do a proyect for my teacher about something scientific..and in this site there’s anything scientific!

  13. Au contraire, LucYY! This site was specifically designed as a scientific experiment to attract persons with little or no grammar and spelling skills. :-@

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