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The future of computer gaming stores?

From /. via comes a very interesting story about a company called Holo-Deck Gaming that offers cyber-cafe style PC and console gaming on the internet with some awesome equipment. The games are played on 73-inch high-def projection TVs – one for each player! They are also working on a 180-degree monitor system and something they call The Sphere. Very cool.

photo by Dave Karlotski

I don’t personally go to my local game center (titled NetZone) but it’s just a collection of PCs with regular monitors. Would I go to this sort of place? Not sure – the systems sure do look cool, but I generally prefer the convenience of my home PC. Of course, my kids might feel differently, and I do enjoy a good LAN party now and then. What if me and 10 of my friends could rent the place for the night – now that might work out.

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