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The Love Boat….in Spaaaace!

Dell Magazines is sponsoring a Science Fiction cruise in May of 2005. Guest speakers include Connie Willis, Kevin J. Anderson, James Patrick Kelly, Robert J. Sawyer, Gardner Dozois, Rebecca Moesta, Sheila Williams and Stanley Schmidt. The planned Carnival itinerary takes it from Florida to Key West to Cozumel and elsewhere. Prices range from $1236 to $1600 and higher.

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

7 Comments on The Love Boat….in Spaaaace!

  1. SF Writers and Editors? Bah!

    We need Cpt. Stubing, Vickie the Cruise Directort and the super-smooth Isaac the bartender!

    All those other guys are just hacks!

  2. Vickie? Don’t you mean Julie? Vickie, methinks, was Stubing’s niece or some such. Not that I used to watch Love Boat or anything.

    And don’t forget Gopher.

  3. Don’t you mean ‘Chef’ the bartender?

    …’Hello Chef!” “Hello Children…”

  4. I wonder how I can get into that cruise ship celebrity racket – you know, as the celebrity so I get a free cruise.

    Hmmm – “Come see the developers of your favorite systems management tool” probably wouldn’t work as well (but then again, maybe it would.)

  5. aren’t we, the developers, celebrities in our customers’ eyes?

  6. Yeah, the celebrities who are on crack when they code and end up in pool of their on vomit. Ok, maybe a kiddie pool, but still…

  7. ewww…. a kiddie pool of vomit? ugh!

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