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The Next PKD Adaptation

Sci Fi Wire reports that Nicholas Cage is set to star in an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story The Golden Man.

I think I was one of the few people who actaully liked Minority Report and also thought Paycheck was watchable. So I have some high hopes for this as well. I’ll stick with PKD film tradition and read the story before seeing the movie. Well, OK, I didn’t read the short stories on which Total Recall and Screamers were based until after seeing the movie, so maybe it’s not really a tradition. But hey.

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  1. Paycheck was barely watchable. The whole “We’ve gotta destroy this thing before the world is annihilated!, but, since we’re here, let’s use it one last time” thing was really really really annoying. And not in the PKD story if I remember correctly. Of course, they did have to pad a short story into a movie so using the hero and sidekick become complete morons if it’ll help pad the film schtick fit right in.

    Screamers though, now that was a decent flick. And it stayed fairly close to the short story up until the filmmakers had to start actually coming up with their own ideas to make a feature film out of it. IE – padding. But even that wasn’t too bad, even if it did tread on well worn SF ideas about robots…

  2. Next!

    Thanks to SFSignal for bringing to my attention a new film based on a Philip K. Dick short story.

    This time the story is “The Golden Man” and Nicholas Cage is being fingered to star. The film will be called Next and directed by Lee Tamahori from a…

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