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MOVIE REVIEW: Ju-On: The Curse

REVIEW SUMMARY: Better than The Ring


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: An initially intriguing film that ends up rehashing itself.

PROS: Interesting ideas (like ghosts creating clutter), good effects for a low-budget film.
CONS: Sub-par acting, story got redundant.
BOTTOM LINE: A good renter if you enjoy stories that go bump in the night.

The story goes something like this: five years ago a man brutally murdered his wife, child and pet cat and then himself. Now, anyone who lives in the house goes missing or dies.

The movie opens with a social worker checking in on the house where an older woman lives. The other members of the household are missing (the old woman’s son and daughter-in-law), and the old woman is catatonic.

The house is a complete mess – garbage strewn everywhere, pictures hanging sideways, etc. When the social worker hears noises upstairs, she checks it out. The sounds originate in a closet that’s taped (yes taped) shut. Inside she finds a black cat and a small boy staring out at her.

Cut to her back downstairs calling the office about the boy upstairs and the poor condition of the house. When another social worker shows up later, he finds the old woman dead and the social worker in a catatonic state.

So it goes, round and round for about an hour and a half. And when the movie does end, it does so most unsatisfactorily.

Sam Raimi had a hand in bringing the movie to the U.S., and he’s got commentary on the DVD.

Like The Ring (originally Ringu), there was a Hollywood remake starring Sarah Michelle Geller. I didn’t see this version, but will definitely rent it on DVD when it comes out to compare.

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  1. Where do u get the movies? …my Blockbuster doesn’t carry it anymore..I can’t find it anywhere locally…suggestions?

  2. I’m confident Kevin rented this one via NetFlix. In the spirit of equal opportunity, don’t forget that both Walmart and Blockbuster offer similar programs.

    From my experience, NetFlix, though they don’t work on the weekends, gets me movies faster than WalMart. Probably because there is a NetFlix wharehouse thingy in Houston. The nearest WalMart facility appears to be in Albama. I’ve never tried Blockbuster, but I will!

  3. Universal Pictures Nordic are going to release these two movies soon on DVD, Ju-On (The Curse) 1 & 2, TV-versions… RELEASED in September in Sweden… Watch out!!! (H)

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