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Play Anarchy Online for free

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Anarchy Online has now offered a totally free MMORPG. I played this one early on and the lag was horrendous, but I have heard its improved immensely since then. It might be worth trying out since it is free for the client and no subscription fees…

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  1. Sounds like this, along with the recent releases of Halo2 and WoW, continues the trend of making sleep a distant thing of the past… sigh.

  2. BTW, to clarify this offer:

    – must register between Dec 15, 2004 and Jan 15, 2005 (unknown timezone)

    – credit card not necessary

    – offer ends Jan 1, 2006, i.e. one year of free play

    – does not include any exp. packs; any exp pack starts monthly billing

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