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Snowing in Houston

I am sure this probably does not really fit the category of Sci Fi but its still a bit odd to see it actually snowing in Houston. And it feels a bit more like Christmas for some of us (yankees darned it.) Now I want to watch the news and see about all the folks freaking out about snow in a city that seldom sees weather like this…

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  1. Yea verily it was a veritable blizzard, for Houston. We went to out to eat, Chilis since it was one of the few places open. It started snowing as we got to the mall and my kids starting going nuts. But not as nuts as some of the employees of Chilis. Several of them went outside to revel in the snowfall and try to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Quite humorous. Imagine that several of these young people have probably never seen snow in person before in their lives. Too bad the ground wasn’t cold enough to keep the snow around. Although my car was/is!

    The last (only) time I remember snow actually sticking around down here was way back in the early 70’s (’73 or 74) when we got about 1/2″ and had enough to actually make little snowballs. Fun stuff. Of course, I’m glad I live here ’cause snow sucks when it turns to ice and/or mush and! the mid-60’s in December/January rules.

  2. aha! I actually got my boy up on christmas eve and we went out and had a snowball fight plus made a few snowmen on our front lawn that night! it was great! then it all went away the next morning (boo hoo!) the dogs however had a mixed reaction. The lab loved it, the bichons were looking at us like “you’re kidding right?”

    hope everyone had a great christmas!

  3. Well, I had 1″ Christmas Eve. My dad’s house in League City had 2 1/2″ of snow. CRAZY it was all on the coastline. I think this is a perfect topic for Sci fi. It did not snow is NYC for Christmas eve but it did in Houston/Galveston?? go figure.

  4. Must…refrain…from…commenting…on…Julie’s…1″ Christmas Eve…

  5. i dont get it, what comment would you make? please elaborate, i’m confused.

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