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War of the Worlds Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailerfor the Spielberg/Cruise project War of the Worlds is available from the WOTW website.

The movie uses the tagline “They’re Already Here”. Sound familiar? It harkens back to the 1982 Spielberg project Poltergeist which used the tagline “They’re Here!”. (That little girl still creeps me out.)

I guess maybe it would be too soon to scrap SETI.

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2 Comments on War of the Worlds Teaser Trailer

  1. Hmm.. Interesting. It looks like they’re going with a very similar premise to the sci-fi TV show WOTW from years past. They even have the suckers on the hand thing working on the promo page. It was a shame that show ended, it was really nicely dark and paranoid. Kind of like Millenium was for awhile. Be interesting to see how it all ends up.


  2. Would like a picture of a alien standing outside of his saucer on earth and the caption “Honey, I’m Home”.

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