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Who Needs Alternate History

When you can go to MuseumReplicas and get your reproductions of olde timey weapons and armor? Like, say, a Two Hand Scottish Claymore? You know that ain’t crap! This place is chock full of medieval hand-to-hand warfare goodness. Too bad there’s no trebuchet or catapults…

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4 Comments on Who Needs Alternate History

  1. I trust you noticed the Monty Python section…where you can buy a replica of Sir Bedevere’s surcoat and helmet?? (if we built this giant wooden badger….)

  2. Did someone say “badger“?

  3. Oh geez, thanks John!

    And don’t encourage him there Doug…

  4. Encourage? I? Perish the thought…(walking away humming “bravely brave sir robin ran away”)….. heh

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