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BFSA Nominations

[From James at Big Dumb Object, <plug type=”blatant”>The website with its finger on the pulse of UK science fiction.</plug>]

More books to add to your shelf: Nominees for The British Science Fiction Association Awards have been released

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  1. OK, James is making we work really hard here. 🙂

    How about:

    Big Dumb Object brings together all the relevant and fun SF tidbits into one place. You’ll want to visit often.”

  2. Yeah, I like that one! And I can’t get done by the trade descriptions act 🙂

  3. Another quote

    Another quote, this time from John@SFSignal. “The website with it’s finger on the pulse of UK science fiction.” Which made me laugh as it is not really very true at all. But it’s something I can strive for! Anyway, what…

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