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Episode III Opening Crawl

Lest I be accused of not living up to my unwarranted label as Star Wars fanboy, here’s a bit of news. The Episode III opening crawl has been released (click next on the page to see all 6 opening crawls).

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4 Comments on Episode III Opening Crawl

  1. And you’re not the fanboy.

    Scott is going to love this….

  2. Well, by his loose definition, anyone who sees the movie is essentially a fanboy. 😉

  3. Well, by his loose definition, anyone who sees the move is essentially a fanboy.

    My definition is pretty straight forward – if you read Star Wars fan sites on a daily basis, you’re a fanboy. Convicted by this VERY post!

    There isn’t anything wrong with being a fanboy. It just means somebody who has an unnatural, unusual, and generally unhealthy obsession with a topic. OK, maybe there is something wrong with being a fanboy 🙂

  4. Can I help it if my newsreader accidentally gets Star Wars news every half hour?

    On the bright side, I don’t get mail addressed to “Star Wars Entusiast”, fanboy. 🙂 (That was funny though, your comment back then, about the post office mis-delivering my mail to you. Heh-heh.)

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