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H2G2 Q&A

Coming Soon! has a quick Q&A with the director and producer of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Not a lot of ground breaking info here. I do like the comment about how the H2G2 DVD will be like getting the actual movie as the bonus DVD since they’ve filmed so much other stuff.

There is one question, about how the Guide itself might not be so ‘fantastic’ in today’s world, what with cellphones and PDAs and all, that got me thinking about the Guide. Since we’re never really told about what kind of editorial control is used to oversee the Guide, I feel its really a future version of Wikipedia. From its conversational tone and lack of taking itself seriously to having a bunch of guys running around the universe writing entries for it, it is a wiki. Or something.

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  1. Brilliant realization of what the Hitchhikers Guide really is

    SFSignal: H2G2 Q&A Over at SFSignal, JP comes up with the brilliant realization of what the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy really is. Consider: Humorous entries, submitted by a variety of researchers, limited editorial control, idiosyncratic and somet…

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