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It’s A Hit!

The new Battlestar Galactica that is. At least asccording to this news nugget. It easily outpaced Enterprise. Who knew that actual, good sci fi on the SciFi Channel would get good ratings? Let’s hope BG doesn’t turn into the monster of the week…

Update: James at BDO wonders about the size of the audience, 3.1 million, and asks if that is small. I’ll try to answer.

Short answer: Yes, its small, when compared to broadcast TV ratings.

Long answer: Not really.

Considering that SciFi Channel is a cable only channel, the number of potential viewers is considerably less than any of the broadcast stations (NBC, CBS, ABC, etc). In cable terms, 3.1 millions viewers is quite good. In fact, BG beat out Enterprise in viewership. I don’t know what UPN’s status is, but it is a broadcast network like the big boys, only they didn’t have a built in network of local stations. They had to convince non-affiliated stations to carry their programming. These stations are typically in the UHF portion of the spectrum and, thus, reach fewer people than the big stations. That is to say, the potential UPN viewership is roughly analogous to cable viewership, but still less than the big networks. So I’d say 3.1 million is quite good in this case. What I’d really like to see is what the ratings were for BG when NBC broadcast it a couple of Saturdays ago…

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