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Progress Quest

I’ve finally played it. It’s here – the hands down best, most user-friendly, newbie-friendly MMORPG ever. It caters to the beginner, the intermediate AND the advanced user. It is called Progress Quest.

Oh, and did I mention this game is free? I know, it sounds too good to be true but it isn’t.

There isn’t any annoying PVP or fighting over mobs – no camp spots, no rare drops, and the best quest system ever. You get a quest, progress towards it by fighting mobs, finish the quests and get new ones – automatically without wondering ‘what do I do next?’ The quests all fit into the overarching story (the Plot) and you advance that plot by doing the quests. Again, it all happens automatically – no need to search out the random quest guy or indeed talk to the NPCs at all.

As you kill mobs you get loot – now, the loot you get isn’t all that useful, but it does sell well to merchants. You can’t hold unlimited amounts, so once your inventory fills up your character will return to town, sell the hard-earned items (such as a troll hide, harpy mascara, or ape ass) for gold, and buy upgraded equipment with that gold. Then, fully automatically your intrepid character will return to the killing fields and keep progressing towards his goal (finishing quests, finishing story plot elements, and leveling.)

As long as your playing your getting XP and leveling. In fact, the only time your not progressing towards you goals is when you aren’t playing. There is almost no downtime (well, returning to town and selling, but since that’s all automated it hardly takes any time at all) and absolutely no searching for mobs or waiting for a raid to start. And did I mention that its all instanced, so you don’t compete with other groups for mobs?

All told, you won’t find a more user-friendly MMO game anywhere – give it a try. Oh, and the game even has an offline mode you can use (say at work) to try it out before going online and pitting your character against others in the ‘hall of fame’ (an entirely automated process!)

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  1. Okay, not to seem skeptical but there is alot of “automatic” in that description and seems to me to look more a bot MMORPG that plays for you while your are using thier “client” versus a game 🙂 But I will check it out and see whats up with it…

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