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CNET Article: TiVo goes mobile with new free service and more from the Tivo website.

“Use TiVoToGo transfers to bring a cooking show to the kitchen or your favorite film on a road trip! TiVoToGo transfers pull shows from your networked Series2 TiVo DVR onto your PC so you can take them anywhere.”

So is anyone out there really jonesin’ to see The Simpsons on their laptops, or is this just marketing hype?

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  1. I think the big part of the “cool quotient” for me is that the copied content can later be burned onto DVD. Hey, the fourth season of 24 burned onto DVD, at the cost of just the media, rather than the 85 bucks in the store…or whatever tickles your fancy.. Maybe copy that movie from turned classic movies on to your own media server and watch it whenever you want. If I was really an ubernerd, ( and had some serious chedder just lying around) I would pipe the copied movie from tivo, onto my media center server, and then to my refridgerator with the flat panel built into the door…so I could watch while I make dinner…:)

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