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Tron v2.0?

Not the game, but a movie. Seems Disney, instead of creating something new, wants to re-hash an earlier story, yet again. Do we really need a re-make of Tron (this time, its the Internet!)? I don’t think so. The whole cyberpunk movement has passed Tron by, and any Disney named movie isn’t going to go into full dystopic, grungy cyberpunk mode. What, exactly, would be different? Isn’t The Matrix really a modern day Tron (a small band of humans fighting against the oppressive, controlling machines)? But, if it means we get to see Sheridan and Londo flinging neon-blue frisbees at each other, then I’m all for it.

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  1. Hey! Everyone movie that starts off as a video game has been received with universal acclaim like Tomb Raider, Wing Commander, Resident Evil… Ok, so maybe the only redeeming feature out of all of those was seeing Angelina Jolie (homewrecker that she is) in a body suit but you takes what you can get. About the cyberpunk thing though, lets see, Matrix comes immediately to mind, what else would you consider a really good cyberpunk type movie?


  2. Oh, you want to qualify it now with the word ‘good’? That limits things a bit, well ok, quite a bit…

  3. i think that a revamp isnt what is needed here but more a second episode. if you have ever seen tron (1st film) is is shown with kevin flinn in the place of dillenger (human bad guy) but what happens then? if they make another one it should be based on the game but in reverse eg. game – movie. and to the matrix point, its nothing like it. matris has neo who can fly around in the sky with a band of surviving humans who get jacked into the ‘matrix’.but tron is about kevin flinn who gets asked to help get rid of the MCP (Master Control Porgram) but get digitized by the mcp and must try to fight his way to the mcp and destroy it.

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