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Two More Genre Pictures Releasing in 2005

I missed the following two movies in my earlier preview of upcoming movies.

  • Thru the Moebius Strip – releasing sometime this year, supposedly. A young boy travels to a distant planet to save his father from aliens. This is a CGI movie that may be in 3D, I’m not sure. There may also be an IMAX release. In either case, it sure looks interesting. Warning! The flash based web site loads over 2MB of data so those on a slow link beware. Yes, I said 2MB of data. Unbelievable.
  • Mirrormask – Release also TBA. Based on the Neil Gaiman book by the same name. Since its by Gaiman, I’ll probably go see this one. Strange and weird, by the look of it. Excellent.

Oh and Steamboy has its limited release on 3/18/05. I hope it comes near here. Although Tim, the lucky bastard, has seen it already. As has the the other lucky bastard, my brother…

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3 Comments on Two More Genre Pictures Releasing in 2005

  1. Speaking of Moebius, I thought that Moebius (the artist) was working on a movie…guess it is vaporware!

    And whatever happened to Rendezvous with Rama?

  2. I think Rama is slated for next year. But I don’t think its even started production yet. I do know that Morgan Freeman has supposedly been cast to star in it. And what’s up Moebius? It never ends with that guy…

  3. Morgan Freeman was cast as Morgan Freeman is one of the driving forces behind bringing it to the screen. He’d be great in it. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed…

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