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Warp Factor Love

Sci-Fi-London, the website for the London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film, is premiering Auto-Destruct: One man’s Obsession with William Shatner, the story of a confused man in a Star Trek tribute band. Included in the link is the video for the faux band’s single “Warp Factor Love” complete with air guitar…in spaaaace!

It’s pretty bad, but at least it’s not this.

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3 Comments on Warp Factor Love

  1. Why, why, why must you link to that? Now I won’t be able to get Nimoy out of my head!!!

  2. Oh you love it.

  3. I saw Auto Destruct: One Man’s Obsession with William Shatner this weekend. Iit is the best mocumentary I have seen since Best in Show. The music video is just the beginning of it’s madness i really recommend it

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