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A Really Rural Library

Here’s a story about a town in Nebraska that’s so rural its population is one. But that doesn’t stop them (and by “them” I mean “her”) from having a 5,000 volume library! It’s the personal library of her late husband whose lifelong wish was to make his book collection public. It does include science fiction but also some really older books:

How to Get Filthy Rich, Even If You’re Flat Broke recommends reading obituaries so you can assume a dead man’s identity to throw creditors off the hunt. Adventures in Science with Doris and Billy – circa 1945 – advises: “If you could fly in an airplane to the moon, you might reach it in about 100 days.”

So, anyone up for a road trip? 🙂

[Link via Mental Multivitamin]

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  1. We don’t need a roadtrip to Nebraska, we just need to shoot on over to John’s house. I’m sure his wife would appreciate our removing many books from the premises….

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