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AggieCon 36

The 36th AggieCon Science Fiction Convention will be held on April 21-24, 2005.

Guests include Elizabeth Moon, Michael Moorcock, Todd McCaffrey, Martha Wells and Joe R. Lansdale.

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6 Comments on AggieCon 36

  1. Even though its close, its still a SciFi convention, and one filled with Aggies. Although, they do have Michael Moorcock, Elizabeth Moon and the RedvsBlue guys. But still, College Station? No thanks.

    Now Austin would be a different matter. But of course, there’s more to do there than to gaze wistfully at the sheep…

  2. is “Moorcock” on your list?

  3. I’m giving serious thought to showing up and running some games. It’d be swell if some of you bloggity-bloggers were there.

  4. Who all is going? |-)

  5. AggieCon is on this week. Oh look! Ape Games is scheduled to appear!

  6. Google has a birds eye view of the Student Center at A&M. It’s the long, dark brown building across the street from the football stadium. Google Maps is fun!

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