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Camp Lovecraft

Salon has an interesting article online that discusses the man behind everyone’s favorite master of evil (Cthulhu), entitled Master of disgust. One of the main points being that, for many fans, the appeal of Lovecraft lies in the camp factor inherant in his writing. Now, I’ve never actually ready anything by him, but from the quotes in this article, I’d say H.P.’s Lix Score would probably be rather high.

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  1. Sigh. Do I have to do everything? Here’s a sampling…

    The Haunter of the Dark

    Lix Score: 46.2 = school year 8

    The Shadow out of Time

    Lix Score: 46.9 = school year 8

    The Call of Cthulhu

    Lix Score: 50.5 = school year 9

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