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Crunchy SF Gaming Goodness

A brief survey of upcoming/recently released SF(ish) games.

  • Unreal Championship 2 – UC2 looks like an intriguing game. It’s going to try to combine the FPS genre with the fighting genre. Some of the moves look rather cool, but I’m not sure how this will actually play out. How often do you end up in melee range in a FPS? Still, it looks good. Xbox only.
  • Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath – The latest incarnation in the Oddworld series. This one provides a mixed 1st person/3rd person view and adds a more FPS feel to the adventure series. The art in this game looks really cool, with a western meets alien species feel. Again, Xbox only.
  • LEGO Star Wars – Its LEGO. Its Star Wars. Whats not to like? You cut your opponents in half with lightsabres. LEGO Darth Maul looks sweet. I’m expecting this game to be a lot of fun to play, especially if you can off Jar-Jar. All platforms.
  • Republic Commando – Yet another Star Wars themed game, onlywithout Gungans. You are the commander of a four person clone warrior commando squad. You get to fight the seperatist army. The demo was fun. Although, Scott may say this isn’t SF since its just Ghost Recon in space….PC/Xbox.
  • Nexus The Jupiter Incident – Reminiscent of Homeworld, only without the resource gathering. Nexus is a tactical fleet simulator where you command capital ships in space. Excellent, and it looks great too. PC only.

These all look good. I may have to try them out, and I think I will be getting Republic Commando.

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