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DHTML Lemmings

Forget Flash! Who needs it when you can play DHTML Lemmings?

[In preparing this post, I noticed a few Lemmings fan sites which actually made me stop and ponder whether we could otherwise harness the enormous amounts of energy expended by Lemmings fans and recycle it for the forces of good.]

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3 Comments on DHTML Lemmings

  1. Uhhhhh, are you implying that Lemmings fans are *not* a force for good? Do you think it is wise to impugn an entire community with the obvious power and influence of the Lemmings’ fans? That’s why I read this blog, because you take on the “powerful” entities, read as “the man”, and are not afraid to criticize them. Oh yeah, and Pete’s “supermodel” section . . . where is that on the blog again?

  2. As long as we combine supermodels with Cthulhu and/or zombies, I’m all for it!

    Nice use of the word “impugn” there. Picayune indeed.

  3. Wow, how did they do that? That’s pretty cool but I did notice a lot of applets in there, so isn’t that cheating since it’s not all DHTML then?

    John, are you sure you’re using the word “Picayune” correctly?

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