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Hero needs food badly?

The gaming world gets another “update” to the classic game Gauntlet. One thing to note is that this version is being done by John Romero (DOOM) and JE Sawyer (Icewind Dale – thanks to our spelling monitor – JP).

As a side comment, I do understand the marketability aspect of existing licenses, but I sometimes wonder why they apply a name like Gauntlet to this. I would think they could come up with a new license and start from scratch…

2 Comments on Hero needs food badly?

  1. Someone’s gotta keep you clowns in check around here.

    I’m leary of this update. It looks kinda like Dungeonsiege, which was fine, but not a knockout as a game. It could be good. But it won’t be the same with out the ‘Elf needs feed, badly!’ sounds. And Romero went off on his own to produce the ‘game’ Daikatana…

  2. Eye candy does not a good game make – and it sounds like all this game has is a pretty look. Of course, I’m not saying that the arcade version was deep, just that it had some compelling gameplay (well, at least 50 cents worth!) that this game will be hard pressed to reproduce.

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