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More Galactica This Summer

SciFi Wire reports that Battlestar Galactica will begin shooting new episodes in March, with the new season starting this summer. Excellent news. And, in what is sure to be a blow to Scott, all the cast has re-signed, including Olmos. It’ll be interesting to see how they wrap up the ending of this season.

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4 Comments on More Galactica This Summer

  1. Why wouldn’t those hacks who’ve never had a real acting job before re-sign? This is the only paying gig they can get! 🙂

    Of course, it would help more if they fired all the writers and get some decent dialog written. Watching more Firefly just makse BG look more and more terrible. Of course, BG is more accessible to the masses than Firefly so it succeeds where Firefly does not (oh and at least SFC hasn’t mucked up the timeslot and show airing like Fox did with Firefly.)

    There are a total of 2 multi-dimensional characters on BG – the Captain and the President. Everybody else is a cardboard cutout.

    BG contains too much plot rehashing from V for my taste (another show I didn’t care for, but watched a few episodes of.)

  2. Why don’t they call it Baltar Porntacular since the series seem obsessed with him bonking a fembot?

  3. So I have seen the entire first season, and I guess I don’t understand what the problem is. The characters are not all that single dimensioned. They all have thier own demons and desires and there is a fair amount of intrigue going on. Its an interesting statement about the human condition really. I think that if you watch the episodes back to back – you will find the show to be very good. Sure the acting seems a bit flawed at times, but there is a fair amount of reality mixed in there.

    As to the Baltar comment, yes the man is a bit whacked – but that is the point. He has this demon or something etched on his subconscious and that is definitely affecting his behavior. The characters feel far more real than some of the other shows I have seen, and while I think the instant solutions for both water and fuel were a bit convienent – they do at least cover thos problems.

    I have not seen Firefly – I know its great – but its decline was more to do with Fox than anything else. Had they really had a desire to make it last – the show would still be on. I remember the nightmarish difficulties B5 had starting out. They were not carried in all cities since the only network to carry them was UPN. I like BG and after the last few episodes I am really interested to see how the series pans out.

  4. Oh, and one comment about “hacks” – check IMDB for the actors Scott – you will see they have had other jobs. They were not constant series work – but they had roles on a series of other shows. And a steady paycheck is always good – many actors prefer that to piecework…

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