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Now This Is A Bad Idea

It seems that WB Kids is hemorraging viewers left and right. Once riding high with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, they are now fighting Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network for eyeballs. So what do you do to rekindle that spark? Why you re-imagine the classic Loony Tunes characters of course! Excuse me while throw up.

Better now. This is totally insane. They new series will be called Loonatics, will feature crappy looking angular characters, and will have superpowers. That’s right, superpowers. Because being able to pull a hammer out of nowhere or causing an anvil to drop on someone just isn’t enough anymore. But lets let the WB guys speak for themselves.

Each new character retains personality quirks of the original. The new Bugs, for example, will be the natural leader of the Loonatics’ spaceship; the new Daffy will remain confident that he is the one who should be in charge.

Please. To paraphrase Tom Hanks, there’s no leadership in Looney Tunes. No leaders, just a bunch of frenetic, maniacal characters being involved in insane situations, cracking jokes. Now, Bugs may have been superior to Daffy, but the original cartoons weren’t serialized and didn’t have an ‘ensemble cast’ feel. This is a bad move.

The challenge now for Warner Bros. is to find a fresh way to tap the funny bone of an audience raised on Bart Simpson and SpongeBob SquarePants.

I don’t think enjoyment of The Simpsons or Spongebob is mutually exclusive with the classic Looney Tunes cartoons. I know I like them all. My kids do too, especially since I got Volume 1 of the Golden Collection. Making the Looney Tunes like Spongebob or The Simpsons is another bad move.

The plots are action-oriented, filled with chases and fights. Each character possesses a special crime-fighting power.

Oh barf. There were chases and violence in the originals. No superpowers needed. What’s next? A Bugs Bunny Begins movie?

That’s enough for now. There’s more in the article, but its too depressing to read. The originals worked because of the characters, the situations and the humor. I’d say you could move the original characters into a world like today’s and have it work. In fact, they did that with the Animaniacs which worked out extremely well. You don’t need to toss in superpowers or a new look to make it work.

And I can smell the Loonatics Collectible Trading Card Game from here…

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4 Comments on Now This Is A Bad Idea

  1. What strikes me as strange is that they had any easy way of not offending us purist nostalgic types, but didn’t take it: make the new characters descendants of the original characters.

  2. What’s that I smell – oh, it’s Looney Toons fanboys out if force, decrying the new show without seeing any more than still images.

    Seems to me you might just want to watch one before you decide to pan it…

  3. francis clarkson // May 10, 2005 at 12:27 pm //

    loonatics is sweet, dude. Why don’t you guy like them. They’re not going to replace the original gang, duh. I’m Looney Tunes number one fan and I think Loonatics is awesome. They look cool.

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