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Sci-Fi Meets Reality? Or Just Another Kook?

Ok, I happened to be traipsing over multiple blogs. When I ran across one on the Houston Chronicle. Here they had a link to this somewhat interesting news clip from KLAS TV, about the science of teleportation. If you want, they also have a video clip there so you can hear the words come straight from the “scientist” hired by the Air Force to do the study. They discuss different issues, including whether or not you are who you started out as after the “teleportation”. Of course they say there is no way to know because there is no biology of consciousness. You won’t believe this but he was criticized as a crackpot!!!! Hmmm, maybe all the comparisons to movie teleportation like Stargate didn’t help his credibility . . . On another note he is from Las Vegas but the story did not say if he worked at “Area 51”.

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  1. It’s being picked up elsewhere. I have heard of this before. Didn’t they “teleport” some molecules a few years ago?


    …for one.

  2. Hey Fred – nice follow up link. The link from that blog had a “shorter” but perhaps more credible article on MSNBC. They at least had some Air Force sources in their story.

  3. Atomic “teleportation” has been accomplished by stripping the quantum state off one atom and projecting it onto a remote atom. In 1997, the near term goal was to teleport an atom, and then follow that up with an intact caffein molecule by 2005 (on the path towards teleporting a whole cup of coffee). However, they were only able to teleport photons up until 2004, when an Austrian team managed a calcium atom.



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