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Tecmo Sues Game Hackers

In the first case of its kind, game company Tecmo (Ninja Gaiden, the Dead or Alive series) is suing game hackers for modifying their games by changing the appearance of game chracaters.

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2 Comments on Tecmo Sues Game Hackers

  1. Hmm, the old disappearing swim suit trick (aka maxwell smart).

    Funny, the game is nothing but t n a anyway, so I wonder why they’re so irritated. You’d think it might improve their sales…..


  2. Now this is a good point. But I guess Tecmo is all about, and this is for John (or as Asimov’s calls him, Jon), titillation, only hinting at things. Wheras the fan mods leave nothing to the imagination. Which is really odd considering we’re talking about virtual people which really only ‘exist’ in the imagination anyway.

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