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Well, the a@@-clowns are at it again. Recently, SF Signal has been inundated with a new (for us) flavor of spam called “trackback spam”. To help combat this, we are using an MT plugin to disguise our trackback URL. Which works, except for the RDF section of the index template. To answer that hole, I had to remove the template tag that generates the RDF which, I think, just disabled trackbacks altogether. Grrr!

Still, better to prevent spammage via no trackbacks than to allow those a@@-clowns to spam us.


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2 Comments on Trackback Spam

  1. I got nailed the other day, myself, to the tune of 500 entries trackback spammed.

  2. Said a&&clown has hit Lunar Soil and Martian Soil (the two blogs I co-edit) to the tune of at least 2000 or more of these things. Do they really think it’ll do them any good?

    One of the two things is for personal injury lawyers. Maybe I should call them and complain about how my carpal tunnel syndrome has been inflamed by having to remove all their trackbacks. Do you think they’ll settle out of court?

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