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What Is SOE Doing Instead of Fixing Bugs??

They’re integrating with Pizza Hut to sell more pizza! I guess that’s one way to make money when the subscription numbers drop off. I wonder if all the FAT boys and girls out there (you know who you are, pudgy!) will sue SOE when they put on some major tonnage scarfing down the lard-laden, carb-ridden, sauce-drenched snack while sitting on their ever-immobile posteriors.

9 Comments on What Is SOE Doing Instead of Fixing Bugs??

  1. Maybe you should read the blog a bit more often – I posted this two days ago.

  2. Heh, first John, then Pete!

  3. I’m first! I’m first!

  4. D’oh-age!

    But I have to say that mine is more inflamatory — targeting SOE, Pizza Hut, and the overweight gamer!

  5. Being inflammatory does not get you anything, but having a cold compress applied to bring down swelling…

  6. Woot! 693% XP debt — I was trying to see if I crash the server on demand with too much debt, but I got bored after hitting 700%…

  7. Why didn’t you order a pizza Pete?

  8. I don’t particularly like Pizza Hut pizza — it’s like a pizza-wannabe, it’s not even a full wannabe — it’s “like” one…

  9. I might have been late (and redundant), and someone else was even later than me — Jay Leno mentioned it in his monologue on the 2/28 episode… yeah, I’m that far behind on my TiVo watching…

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