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Yay! It’s a Very Good Morning!!

In a word: INDEED

I hope the SFSignal Continuum will pardon this transgression and minor abuse of my posting power.

6 Comments on Yay! It’s a Very Good Morning!!

  1. Actually, my first thought was: “WTH is Pete posting about?”. Then Tim connected the dots for me. Very funny Pete!

    But now I have munchkins dancing and singing in my head. Not so funny. Thanks Pete.

  2. Yes, we must remember that not all the folks that read this site have a similar work experience. My suggestion is to link the article that defines what you are singing about Pete…

  3. alas, i’m too chicken to be that brazen…

  4. <homer>Mmmmmm….brazened chicken…</homer>

  5. Here is a representative news story pertaining to Pete’s humorous little ditty he linked too.

  6. I hope the powers that be will pardon me as I chuckle with glee…(ok, someone has had just a bit too much coffee this morning…)

    Then again, it’s not like she’s going to have any problems making HER pinto payment…

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