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Your Hobbit/Elvish Alter Ego

Two more fictional name generators for you today. The first, The Hobbit Name Generator. And the second is The Elvish Name Generator. At least this site looks nice.

I’m “Falco Baggins of Bywater” (rock me Amadeus!) and “Nolofinw? An?rion”.

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2 Comments on Your Hobbit/Elvish Alter Ego

  1. a big shoutout from Mungo Chubb-Baggins, humble furryfoot that I am…

    lol, great way to break up the morning code-fest….:)

  2. as a semi serious aside, I wonder why dwarvish never really caught on. I always identified a bit more with the dwarves than the sort of whiny elves (who were pretty homicidal when not being whiny). who did anyone else identify with or think was cool? (if your answer is gollum, you probably need to seek some help)

    yeeeessss my precious


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