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More Firefly & Serenity

One the perils of being a lazy contributor to a group blog: I’m not sure if we posted this or not and I don’t feel like searching. Ah well, just in case, I’ll have to sprinkle in some actual new content here and there.

The canceled series Firefly has been on my mind of late. So when blind web surfing led me to the website for the Serenity movie (opening September 30th), I was pleased…then disappointed. The site has a blog and an RSS feed (:D Yay!) but the are poorly updated ((6) Grrr!), which is unfortunate as the entries that do exist are humorous. The browncoat section of the website looks more promising, content-wise, than the rest. It will at least please the uber-fanboys who need an excuse to dress up like a Browncoat and earn faux space credits.

More interesting is the site. It features things like episode guides, a fan community, fan fiction, 200MB video downloads of convention sightings and other minutia like timelines, character lists, reference material on technology and locations and, for the true completist, a pretty bad collection of homemade Firefly graphics.

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