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POLL RESULTS: The High Cost of Reading

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Is $26 too much to pay for a 300 page hardback fiction book?


(20 total votes)

Note: I’m going by the last set of numbers that I remember. Since the poll site we use is down (and has been having problems lately). I’ll be using another poll site from now on.

About the results: Seems most people think harback books (at least 300-page ones) have a high price tag. Although some people are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for some authors and/or titles.
So which books are getting your precious dollars, people?

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5 Comments on POLL RESULTS: The High Cost of Reading

  1. D’oh! Looks like the new poll host isn’t so hot either! (6)

  2. Harback books? What, made from pirates?

  3. 8o| Oh, like you never made a typo

  4. OK, now I’m using BlogPoll. Cross your fingers.:O

  5. I almost never purchase hardback books because I rarely see any value in them. In fact, pretty much the only reason I buy a hardback is because either the book isn’t going to be published in softcover (which happens with special subject books) or I’m going to get the book signed by the author (VERY rare for me.)
    Otherwise, I’m very content to wait for the softcover. I do like the trade paperback formate because I like the font size, but I’m not usually willing to pay more for it.

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