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SF Books Get Movie Optioned

Reader Z Axl (or zaxl, I’m not sure) sends us word that the top 5 books on The Book Standard/Nielsen BookScan Sci-Fi Bestsellers Chart are in various stages of adaptation to movie screenplays. This is good news, as SF seems to be most acceptable in movie form. Two of these books are SF, The Time Traveller’s Wife and Shadow of the Giant, while the rest are fantasy, although Kevin might be interested in The Good, The Bad, And The Undead, which is now on my Amazon wishlist.

On a special note, and to make another SF reference for this post, Z Axl (zaxl) is a reader from Guatemala. What’s cool about Guatemala? Well, the anicent Mayan ruins of Tikal for one. You may remember Tikal from its role as the Rebel base in Star Wars Episode IV. My wife and I went there for part of our honeymoon and let me tell you, if you can get there, go. It’s incredibly interesting. Thanks Zaxl!

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