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When Promotions Go Too Far

You get this mess of merchandising tie-ins to Star Wars. This is just insane. It makes me not want to buy anything from these companies. And I know Walmart is doing something on April 2nd, because you can’t walk into their stores without being assulted by the larger-than-life-size Yoda cut-out sign, but I don’t know what. Maybe they’re promoting the promotions listed here? It could happen. Fox has already done the ‘trailer for the trailer’ thing earlier….

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3 Comments on When Promotions Go Too Far

  1. “Kellogg’s “Fuel the Force” campaign will include their breakfast cereal, toaster pastry, waffle, cracker, and fruit snack brands”

    Oh dear.

  2. Tony the Tiger says, “Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes help replenish midichlorians!”

  3. Check out this cell phone promotion as well. Not that I troll Star Wars newsfeeds or anything.

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