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Wookies and their Rage

Is the subject of the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies expansion. So first we have Lord Vader stopping by and now Angry wookies – boy I almost feel the desire to actually look at the installation CDs again.

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  1. I continue to get emails from SWG about what is going on and they finally seem to be working on improving the product.

    Which is about time becuase I think the team in general got bogged down with the Jedi stuff and it really hurt the overall game. As an example, if you want to PVP in today’s SWG you HAVE to melee. There is NO way you can use a laser weapon and survive for any length of time except for blind luck.

    Oh, and buffs (both from doctors, dancers, and foodstuffs) are entirely overbalancing. If you don’t have them you operate at about 1/3’rd the ability of those who have them. This makes it tough to group with those without the buffs, and impossible to PVP unless you have them.

    Here’s hoping they get it together – SWG is unique and enjoyable but it really needs some work.

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