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X-box 360 news

Now this news is still somewhat speculative, but according to this article on Computer and Video games. The items below are “features” of the new console from MS:

– 1 million Xbox 360s in Europe by the holidays. 1.5 million by March 2006.

– No backwards compatibility

– Regional Xboxs, tailored to different territories

– No hard drive

– Current games are being delayed to accomodate the fact that there?s no backwards compatibility

Thanks to Joystiq for the linkage and data. If true (which I believe it to be), then I will stick with my older console since it works just fine and I like my current set of games…

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  1. I have to wonder what’s not backward compatible? It’s just a PC right – so DX9 and local storage of some amount (even if it’s just 1GB of flash memory) would seem to make it just like a current XBOX.

  2. The big problem is the overall architecture of the system with respect to instruction sets. I do understand the concept of emulators and while they are great in theory – you never truely get the exactly same experience. The new x-box will be using a Power PC based processor, and there has been very little word about supporting older games from MS. I would think that to be a major selling point when tempting consumers to update thier consoles. I just dont believe that MS is thinking that way and for the most part the xbox1 was seen as an experiment and will probably be a one off system….

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