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1975 Do-Over Reading Project – JP’s Take

Here’s how I rated the award nominees for 1975:

The Mote in God’s Eye – 4.5

The Inverted World – 4

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said – 3.5

The Godwhale -2.5

The Dispossed – 2

Fire Time – 2

334 – 1

So, if I had a vote for the Hugo and Nebula, my winners would be The Mote in God’s Eye (Hugo) and Flow My Tears (Nebula). I’m also struck by the, in my opinion, lack of good stories up for the awards. Was there no other good SF in 1975? I’m also amazed to see how well Mote stands up thirty years later. It feels like it could have been written today, although Niven and Pournelle would have had to pad it out to meet today’s exacting space opera/hard SF standards. I’m also glad I had a chance to read The Inverted World. If not for this project, I would never had read it. Of course, I would never have read 334 either.

I know John didn’t break his down by award, so I’ll take them in the order he listed, and say that, for him, Flow My Tears would have won both awards. So, unofficially, taking both our ratings into consideration, Flow My Tears is the clear Nebula winner, with a three way tie for Hugo among Flow My Tears, Mote, and The Inverted World. We need some other reviewer, aside from Pete Klausner, to cast their votes and break that tie!

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  1. Hey! It was a “tribute” to Klausner; there’s no need for name calling!

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